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Singapore is a busy city! It may be looked at by some to be only full of shopping, dining and nightlife, however if you look deeper (not very deep) it has endless opportunities for fun with the kids!


Singapore Orchid


Jurong Bird Park  is the largest bird park in the world! As soon as you walk in there is beauty all around you! Once you set foot there its as if you are now viewing the world in HD! The birds are so colourful, some large , some tiny, some quirky, its as if they’ve been airbrushed! There are many shows to see here and photo opportunities so make sure you visit the website so you don’t miss out on your favourites.

Singapore Zoo  is set in a rain forest backdrop. Once again there is sooo much to see here and many shows to wow the kids with.  Walking around in the humidity can get a bit much so once again hop on the website and plan your day in order of shows and cafe stop offs.. If the heat is too much for you, you could just opt to take the kids to  The Night Safari its a lot cooler for one and its a different experience , its very serene and close up! Remember no flash photography here…



White Tiger


For something a little more ‘light hearted’ and something you can squeeze in between shopping try taking the kids on a ride in the Cable Car its totally enclosed and transparent so you get a 360 degree view of Singapore. If your feeling a little more adventurous ask for a car with a glass floor!  It travels from Harbour front to Imbiah lookout on Sentosa Island. While you are on Sentosa you can check out Underwater World you can spend hours viewing the marine life or take a fun ride on the travelator to take a close up look at the sharks!

 I would strongly suggest if you are going there, DO NOT LEAVE without seeing the absolutely gorgeous Pink Dolphins in the Dolphin Cove. I had the absolute pleasure of swimming with them a few years ago and its an experience Ill never forget!! Make sure you book online months ahead, certain times of the year there is quite a waiting list. Perhaps if you have had a long day of sightseeing you may want to relax for a bit and enjoy some Fish Reflexology if you have never had this done before, it may sound weird coz the fish actually feed on your dead skin on your feet , but once you get used to it, usually takes about 5 mins it is quite relaxing.



If I can offer you a suggestion, when you first put your feet in the water do so heel first, because this is the toughest part you don’t feel it so much then when you get the courage after a few minutes then lower your feet. Trust me you will love it!! I’m now addicted, its ashame they don’t have it here in Australia!



If your a little adventurous you may like the Megazip this is also on Sentosa Island, its equipped so you can also take lil ones with you. Last time I went on only a few months ago, I saw a Dad strapped up with his teeny baby. I have gone on this a few times, once with my 8 yr old and once with my 4 year old. Once the kids reach 30kg they are allowed to go on themselves. Its like a huge flying fox 75metres high up in the sky, the ride goes for 450metres, its a smooth and amazing ride. Your view are the beautiful treetops and the sea. I’m not too keen on heights as Ive gotten older, but I’ve been on it more than once and i intend on going on my next trip too…


Universal Studios  is a must see while on Sentosa Island, there is so much to do and see there you will need the better part of the day. Its huge! Its like walking onto a movie set, its surreal. There are plenty of movie themed rides here and great places to shop and eat. If you go in Peak Season I would recommend you get an express pass as the wait for a ride can be looooong!


Trivial Fact: before you enter Universal Studios, they have many shops one of them just happens to sell Oprah’s Favourite Popcorn you will find it at Garrett Popcorn so many yummy buttery, caramel flavours to choose from….drool…Living in Australia, this was the closest I got to trying it! It was so worth it!



The Singapore Luge and Skyride are fun to do. Also on Sentosa this is like go carting downhill. Its fun and easy. You take the sky ride up, its a little high for me hubby usually takes one of our kids up. Children have to ride with a parent up until they reach a certain height.


The Singapore Flyer is something I am yet to do, its on my list! It looks fabulous! If you watched the final episode of Amazing Race Australia, you would have seen contestants completing one of  their final tasks in this iconic ‘flyer’ It takes you 165 metres high, while you take in the 360 degree views. Bliss!



If your kids have always thought of running away and joining the circus then they will love The Flying Trapeze my girls do this every time we visit Singapore Sentosa , they get to swing up high on the trapeze after they are safely harnessed in of course, then I think there favourite part is landing in the huge trampoline.


A trip to Sentosa wouldn’t be complete  if you didn’t take the kids to go and see Songs of the Sea Ive seen it more times than i care to remember ! But that’s not to say the kids don’t still ask to see it each time we go back to Singapore! They know the show off by heart plus we have the DVD too but it still entertains them, and hey, if their happy I’m happy!


One last spot to visit on Sentosa is The Butterfly Park there are some gorgeous colourful butterflies and insects to be seen here. As usual I could go on and on there are many more things to do, I have mainly written about the things that I’ve tried and tested except for the flyer i cant wait to do that one I hope you get to try some of these or perhaps leave me a comment on some new things I should try on MY next trip!


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