The Wild Fig Cafe


Perth really turned on the beautiful weather today. 

So my cousin and I jumped at the chance for a pre-school holiday catch up by the beach !

So glad we picked The Wild Fig Cafe to have lunch at . It overlooks Scarborough Beach so we had clear skies and blue water to stare at all day …. So therapeutic!

I know I like the food somewhere when I can happily eat vegetarian and thoroughly enjoy every bite. I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t normally order it but this salad was calling me.

I got the pear 🍐 cranberry, walnut & blue cheese salad .. My cousin got the Ceasar Salad and we shared the Tempura Cauliflower ! Yum!

Then I had to try the turmeric latte with a hint of Chilli ..delish! I saw they had other interesting drinks available such as beetroot hot chocolate & red espresso!! Maybe I’ll try those next time.

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