The Globe : a hidden gem in the CBD

My friend and I went for lunch in the city. We thought we would choose somewhere casual where we could have a quick drink and a nice bite to eat.

Honestly, I never knew the food would blow me away this much! I checked out the menu online as you do before you go somewhere new. And I had already set my sights on this deep fried cauliflower.

This sweet and spicy cauliflower with spicy jalapeno aioli was off the charts!! I actually need to go back there within the next week to get my fix again this is my new addiction! When the waitress came to bring it over she actually confessed this was her favourite thing on the menu!

Then we indulged on the barbecue corn and monchego croquettes these were served in a smoky paprika mayo. I am definitely a girl who loves her sauces and there was plenty of sauce to go around! Delicious!

Then it was time for mains and we both decided to go for the potato head style poke bowl. It had raw tuna, black rice, shaved cauliflower, slaw with huge dollops of smoked chilli mayo and guacamole. This was so good but so filling believe it or not! We were literally so full!

Another great thing about this place is you don’t even have to get off the table to order your food you simply use the QR code and order straight from the table and you can pay with Apple Pay!

Shortly after this photo was taken we were in a food coma !!

There are so many amazing places to eat in the Perth CBD.

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