Swimming with the Pink Dolphins

This is a post i wrote a few years ago after a trip to Singapore.  Swwimming with the dolphins is such a magical experience.

For my daughters 9th birthday We took her to swim with the pink dolphins in Singapore. I had done it once before on another trip to Sentosa i loved it and I was hoping she would enjoy it as much as I had !

It’s such a magical experience when you finally get to hop in the water with them, you can feel immediately how friendly they and receptive they are to humans.

We got a quick lesson on pink dolphins before the swim and found out are born grey like most dolphins then as they get older they turn pink. We swam with 2 teenage girl dolphins there coloring was still quite mottled but when they reach adulthood they will change and be totally pink.

It was explained to us that we weren’t to touch them on their face or tail, but that they loved to be patted with an open hand on their mid section.

We got to feed them, do tricks with them all the while they take photographs to record your memorable experience.

Swims are usually held at 930am every morning and advanced booking is essential . It was an awesome way to start my day ! And judging by the smile on my daughters face she enjoyed it too !

Swimming with the Pink Dolphins back in 2012


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