Snapchat Vs Instastory

Bernadette Bosanac and Rocky

2016 Seemed to be the year we became comfortable filming everything!

Snapchat led us into a comfortable place somehow perhaps by introducing us to whacky filters, which saw us pulling all sorts of faces in front of the camera and randomly sending them off to friends. It seems now when we go to take a photo Its best to take it using Snapchat so you can use your favourite snapchat filter (or is that just my secret?). I think Snapchat has secretly got us girls hooked on flower crowns and cute puppy faces.

Now, Instastory, came along after Snapchat and totally didnt seem necessary, we had already got comfortable with the Snap! I was interested to give it a go and realised that it was as easy to use and you were immediately exposed to ‘your existing Instagram audience’ but then when I went to look for pretty filters…..there were none, WHAT A LET DOWN  . Every now and again I double check and still no filters 🙁  Its such a shame as one of its strengths is you dont need to add friends, this is one of the faults of Snapchat, its so hard to find and follow people you know. So for those of you who can be bothered it seems we have to take our photos in Snapchat and then add them to Instastory. #firstworldproblems

Bernadette Bosanac and Rocky

So I wonder if Instagram will improve their story this year and if they did would you be Team Snapchat or Team Insta ??

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