Pokèmon Go !!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pokémon Go Hitting the Streets.

So you are running wildly across the screen to find that Pokémon Go character and then the next thing you know…there are almost 3-400 people crowding up at the same place. Yes! This game has the power to bring in people; but is it bringing us any good? Are the gatherings in streets helping us out positively?

Perth and Kings Park deserve a look while people gather there to play the game.

Pics courtesy of Pokemon
Pics courtesy of Pokemon

Advantages of Pokémon Go:

People who have been known to dislike social interaction are now taking part in Pokémon Go !

They are gathering at Pokemon points of interest and randomly striking up conversations regarding the game.  So is it killing social anxiety? Is Pokémon Go bringing people of the same interest out in the streets so that they can meet up? Let’s just for one minute, consider this is a great advantage of Pokémon Go. People, who might have never met, meet unexpectedly at a Poke Stop. They interact and thus new people and communications take place.

Disadvantages of Pokémon Go:

However, with positives always come negatives.

Do you have any idea whether you are going to reach the next Poke Stop safely?

The game has people so involved, that they can hardly take their eyes of the screen and their concentration wanes. Yes! Im sure you’ve seen them all walking around like ‘zombies’ 😉

Its almost safe to say they need a minder walking with them to watch the road…


Pokémon Go has had most people going crazy so be safe and play sensibly!

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