Passion Meets Purveyor

In WA, Peter Manifis has been known as one of Perth’s best chefs and could be found at Incontro Restaurant in South Perth. Now he’s finding his passion supporting our WA local produce market.

Today Passion Meets Purveyor was launched with aims to;

•Save quality fruit and vegetable products from a destiny in landfill

•Offer chefs choice value and the chance to obtain speciality products and unique lines

•Utilise lesser known and under appreciated Australian fish species

•Support innovative farming practices such as converting waste product into fertiliser and energy

•Educate the next generation of chefs and producers about sustainability and waste reduction techniques

•Bring beautiful local seasonal food making into our kitchens for everyone to enjoy

Peter intends to connect chefs and food producers, building relationships and in turn encouraging sustainable behaviour


“I have great respect for the time and effort farmers, fishers and growers place into their product a lot of which sadly does not make it to the mainstream market. So what can we do?”

Peter Manifis & Trandos

Keep up to date with his journey on Instagram and Facebook @passionmeetspurveyor



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