My Make up Routine

Here is the end result selfie

Quite often when I’m out , I get a lot of questions about my make up.

“How has your make up stayed on so well.”

“How have you kept your lipstick on through the whole lunch/dinner?”

Initially I thought people were just being polite. But through the years the questions have remained the same , so I thought its the one thing many women love to discuss.

Make up !

Like anything things must start with a good foundation , I’m a make up addict so currently I have 3 or 4 foundations on the go and depending on how I’m feeling on the day ill favour one over the other in regards to its coverage or staying power. 3 of my faves are pictured below.

Then I like to use a nice smooth light weight concealer. Armani has a beautiful one.

Next up I like to set all my foundation with a powder, around my eyes I use MAC transparent finishing powder, it’s very lightweight and doesn’t gather in the creases too much!

For all other areas ill use a powder foundation applied with a powder brush , I like the extra coverage it gives me. Now, when your applying foundation and powders I always go over my lips too. I believe this helps keep my lipstick in place longer.

Next I do a little bit of Mac Bronzer on the cheeks

One of my favourite mascaras is Maybelline Falsies, I’ve learnt over the years you don’t have to spend a lot of money on mascara ! Maybelline have really got it right with this brush and the texture of this mascara really helps lashes look thicker. I’m a fan!

Then lastly I apply my lipliner, Mac, Dior and Chanel do some great liners, and then I fill my lips in with lipstick. If I’m off to a Ball or a Long Lunch ill safeguard my lips by putting a very matte lipstick on first and then applying a cream lipstick over the top for some moisture. This is kind of a little guarantee that once the creamy lipstick wears off, ill still have my strong base colour stained underneath.

There you have it that’s my basic make up routine

Hope you got a few tips and enjoy your next play with your make up

Please feel free to ask any questions ?


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