Over The School Holidays I started my own personal project of  decluttering !!

I didn’t realise how good it would feel, it seriously changed the way I felt emotionally… I felt lighter, happier and like I was really achieving BIG THINGS !

It has motivated me to keep cutting back in every area of the house. It has inspired me to live a cleaner more minimalistic life.

Who knew? Going to clean out my pantry would inspire such a change in me ?

It’s awesome having such a big pantry but sometimes I wonder if I just keep filling it when I don’t need to. So after filling 3 large rubbish bags full of rubbish and spending 3 hours of physical labour. I am now the proud owner of a newly organised pantry.

Now let’s keep it that way kids ….!

After the pantry I tackled my wardrobe… what a job?

I don’t know why I am holding onto so many items of clothing, that I know damn well I will never wear again… I refuse to be a hoarder, so I needed to get back up. I enlisted the help of my 11 year old daughter who is ruthless and very honest with me, she was the helping hand I needed to clear 12 RUBBISH BAGS of clothes out of my wardrobe.

Boy did that feel good ! Not only did it feel good but you realise alot about yourself… how much money you waste on frivalous purchases.. and you also discover beautiful things that you forgot you had.

Drop off Number 1


Drop off Number 2


So my aim for this year is to live better, spend less, save more and enjoy what I have…

I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be many more donations to come…

Did anyone one else declutter over the school holidays?

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