Living the Dream: Why You Should Move to Perth

Progressive, sunny, and packed-full of culture, the capital city of Western Australia has a lot to offer modern families. Perth is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, alongside a range of unique attractions, fantastic entertainment, and of course, a friendly community too. It’s easy to see why so many people decide to pick Perth as the ideal place to settle down.
A move to Perth will bring you into the fourth-largest city in Australia, after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. However, just because it’s thriving with life doesn’t mean that Perth feels crowded and cluttered. The location is a highly innovative and creative place, packed full of joy and excitement. Some estimates suggest that by 2050, there’ll be around 5.4 million people living here. A sizeable portion of that population will come from the people who decided to pack their bags and fly to Australia in search of a happier, healthier life.
Here, we’ll look at some of the reasons why you should consider biting the bullet and making that life-changing move to Perth.

The Move Could Launch Your Career
Currently, both the local government of Perth and the federal government for Australia are working extra-hard to attract skilled professionals to the economy. That makes the job market particularly promising for anyone with a talent to share. Australia knows that it takes skills from all over the world to make a great business thrive, which is why the country is happy to employ people from far and wide into a range of different industries.
While most of the economic success that the Western side of Australia has comes from its footprint in forestry, agriculture, and fishing, you don’t have to be a farmer to do well in Perth. Professional services like healthcare, retail, and social assistance are on the rise in Western Australia, and the service sector generates a significant percentage of the area’s GDP.

A Diverse and Interesting Culture
Perth is a thrilling metropolitan area, with more than 2 million inhabitants to get to know and love. This part of Western Australia is home to a diverse mix of people, and many of the Australian-born residents living in the space have backgrounds in Ireland, Scotland, or England. There are also plenty of people in Perth that have backgrounds linking back to Portugal, Italy, and South-eastern Europe.
In more recent years, the migrants coming to Perth from other places around the world have seen a significant shift from Asian countries like Malaysia, India, and Japan. Ultimately, this diverse range of cultures means that Perth is an interesting and friendly place for people from any background. Even if you don’t feel entirely comfortable talking to strangers, you might find that from the moment you move to your new home, you find plenty of new friends to talk to.
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There’s something about the atmosphere in Perth that encourages people to welcome their fellow neighbours. In fact, you’ll find that many of the locals aren’t just chatty, they’re genuinely helpful too – great for when you’re just settling in.

More Sunshine and More Reasons to Get Outdoors
Did you know that Perth has more hours of sunshine each day than any other Australian capital? In fact, Perth can enjoy as much as 3,229 hours of sunshine every year. That means that if you love soaking up the sun, you’re going to love a home in Perth. All this extra sunshine isn’t just great for your tan – it’s also a fantastic excuse to get outside and enjoy all of the wonderful outdoor activities that Perth has to offer.
There’s plenty of things to do and see in Perth, from rooftop bars to cricket pitches, and stunning local parks. You can visit the Perth Zoo with the kids to see some of the most incredible animals in the world or walk along the Bibbulmun track to enjoy amazing views of sea and hilltops. There’s also the Kings Park and Botanical garden for those who enjoy taking time to stop and smell the roses.
Plenty of Opportunities for Healthy Living
Speaking of getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, Perth is also a fantastic place to go if you want to stay fit and healthy. If you like walking, there are plenty of parks to explore when you want to stretch your legs or go exploring with the pooch. At the edge of King’s Park, for instance – is Jacob’s Ladder – a place where people queue to make the 43-metre descent over 300 steps.
Perth is also home to a wide range of water sports like diving, kayaking, and surfing too – making it a wonderful location for an active lifestyle. There’s also plenty of fresh produce available for sale wherever you go, so you shouldn’t have any trouble whipping up a healthy meal for yourself and the kids.

Dine Well and Live Well
Finally, one of the biggest things that draw people around the world to visit Perth, is its incredible restaurant and food scene. Perth is home to countless delicious restaurants that specialise in everything from Indian, to Asian feasts, Italian, and so much more. If your heart is set on relaxing in the sun with a nice cold beer, you’ll also be just a stone’s throw away from numerous micro-breweries.
Just a few hours south of Perth, you’ll also find one of the most famous wine regions in Australia – Margaret River. This means that you’re in the perfect location for a quick tour around a couple of wineries when you want to get away for a romantic weekend.
For families looking for an opportunity to soak up sun, culture, and happiness, Perth could be the ultimate place to call your new home. While it’s worth checking out some of the neighbourhoods and learning what’s available from Western Australia before you move, you should find that just about any location in Perth brings with it countless opportunities for great living.

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