How do you live your life? Sponsored Post by Chandon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life in the moment, how it would be to live a life unplanned ?

Life is about balance taking the good with the bad working hard then having fun and reaping the rewards of all your hard efforts

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It’s all about opening up letting go being free to express yourself and believe in yourself, a life too well-planned doesn’t allow for the real you to come out. Lose your inhibitions and surrender.

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A bottle of chilled Chandon represents relaxation after a hard day’s work, catching up with an old friend, sharing stories and dreams for the future or enjoying an unplanned night of spontaneity.

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Allow your senses to taste and smell as you tip the glass for that first sip and get carried away in the aroma and the fizz simultaneously carrying you away to another place.

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Chandon is a fun and informal sparkling wine  retailing from $23-$45  not only is it for every day celebrations  but it also feels right at home any Gala event in any fashion capital of the world,  as popular bloggers The Trendspotter discovered, as they travelled from the diverse streets of London to Paris Fashion Week and the rooftops of Melbourne enjoying the spontaneity of their travels, complete with Chandon in hand.

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How will it inspire you ?

What do you think of when you hear the ‘pop of the cork’ ?

How will it encourage and motivate you?

Or does it just give you the serenity you need to live in the moment?

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“This post has been presented by Chandon, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.”




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