Fast Facts on Potatoes

Fast Facts on Potatoes

Fast Facts on Potatoes

The word, ‘potato’ has been derived from the Spanish word, ‘patata.’ Considered as the King of all vegetables, potatoes are a favorite snack amongst kids! Eaten in different forms, potatoes are adored by even adults who are picky about the food they eat. Every dish from mashed potatoes and potato sandwiches to potato finger chips is popular amongst people of all ages! One of the many reasons behind this is that potatoes are very versatile. You can combine them with beans, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum and a lot of other vegetables. You can use different healthy snack ideas and prepare potato salads and curries. Potatoes are interesting not just because of all these reasons. Here are some more reasons which make them interesting. If you are a potato lover then you must take a look at the following fun facts on potatoes!

Potatoes and the Alaskan Klondike gold rush

In the years 1897 and 1898, potatoes were not as affordable as they are today. They were worth their actual weight in gold! They were highly valued for the vitamin ‘C’ that they have. On the other hand, gold was more abundant during this period comparatively to nutritious foods.

Potatoes can be a good alternative of pasta and rice

Potatoes are vegetables but they contain high amount of starch meaning, ‘carbohydrates’. The starch makes potatoes something similar bread, rice and pasta. Potatoes and all these foods are similar in nutrition value and can very much be a part of your healthy breakfast and diet food recipes. So, don’t throw them out of your weight loss plan.

Potatoes have been grown outside Earth

NASA and University of Wisconsin wanted to feed the astronauts while they were up there in the Space. In order to keep the tummies of astronauts filled on lengthy Space voyages, a technology was created. This technology was able to grow potatoes in Space in the year 1995. Potato is the first vegetable that was grown in Space! Now, the astronauts and the future Space colonies know some healthy snack ideas or healthy breakfast ideas that won’t leave them hungry!

Potatoes are nutritious

A lot of fitness trainers would ask you to avoid eating potatoes in any form but the fact is that potatoes have a lot of nutritional value. They have a variety of minerals and vitamins that can keep your tummy filled and that can keep you energetic all day. Fitness trainers chuck potaoes out of people’s weight loss plan because of the starch or carbohydrates they contain but if eaten in moderate quantities, potatoes can be one of your best healthy snack ideas and will only do good to your body.

The world’s ancestor’s use potatoes for purposes other than eating

Along with using the vegetable for healthy snack ideas, the ‘Incas’ used potatoes for several other purposes. They used to heal broken bones by placing raw potato slices on the bones. They also used to consume potatoes with other foods in order to prevent indigestion. They even used to measure time with the help of potatoes. They used to correlate the time with the amount of time their potatoes took to get completely cooked. The Incas used potatoes to prevent rheumatism. They thought that potatoes have medicinal properties.

Potatoes can make your skin flawless

Cool potato juice can treat your facial blemishes. It can help you get relief from frostbite and sunburn. It can also ease throat pain.

  1. According to the recent studies, China is the leading manufacturer of potatoes
  2. Shortage of potatoes has lead to several deaths

There was a great famine in Ireland between the years 1845 and 1852. The shortage of potatoes in this period was the reason why nearly 1 million people died. These people were dependant potatoes as their food source.

It is good to consume potatoes in moderate quantities and that’s why potatoes are a part of various diet food recipes. You can simply boil them or bake them. You can have mashed potatoes in a healthy breakfast to stay energetic till the lunch time! You can also have them in form of snacks in the evening. Avoid frying potatoes deeply. Just combine them with some other vegetable to make veggies interesting for the young ones and to make your diet food recipes tastier! Try these ideas and potatoes won’t disappoint you!

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