An Interview with Famous Sharron. Fringe World Festival

Famous Sharron Some like it yacht

I had a quick chat with Shazza the other day and boy was it jam packed with quotes and info on life ! In other words I got Shazzified!

I happened to call her while she was in a carpark ready to go do the shopping, she didn’t seem to mind and proceeded to tell me she would stop anything for the media.

Heading into her 3rd year of being famous, she has taken it all in her stride and hasn’t let fame change her too much. What you see is what you get, no disguises here, there is casual Shazz and the Shazz you see at shows.

QU: Do you go down to the corner shop in your Famous Sharron get up?

SHAZZA: There have been Shazz sightings of me in my casual gear in my ‘sheggings’ or my soon to be released ‘shalaxy leggings’ (similiar to galaxy design leggings in case you didnt catch on)

Every now and again she gets ‘SPOTTED’ at the local IGA or Coles and fans will try and snap a sneaky selfie. She wont have it ! She encourages her fans to openly snap away and introduce themselves. She taught me you can never be famous enough and that there is always room for another selfie! (I couldnt agree more!)

QU: You take the best selfies, did you invent the selfie stick?

SHAZZA: No I’m actually not happy with the selfie stick, and the bluetooth one is a nightmare. Without the right light you look shite! Im going to invent my own. You don’t want your selfie to go on the shelfie.

(2 quotes I think I’ll be using from now on!)

QU: Do I call you Famous or just Sharron?

SHAZZA: First name Famous, last name Sharron darls.

QU: Im looking forward to seeing you at ‘Some like it Yacht’ at Fringe Festival what can I expect?

SHAZZ: Get ready for a late night dance party and ‘shabaret’ with lots of chaos and shenanigans.

It was fun chatting to Famous Sharron (double r dont forget!) and I cant wait to attend and sing along to the smooth pop sounds from the 70s and 80s.

Famous Sharron some like it yacht

Famous Sharron, will host a hilarious cabaret style show of musical guests, celebrities and old pop gems by eight-piece live band ‘Some Like It Yacht‘.

Some Like It Yacht are a Perth-based tribute band. If you like Toto, The Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross, ELO, Phil Collins, Chicago and Hall & Oates, then you are going to enjoy this event !

Get your tickets here 



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