False Lashes

This Post is written for my cousin Bianca who wanted to know how I do my lashes x


OK the first thing I have to say before applying lashes is to go out and find a pair that suit you, you need to know what sort of shape are you are looking for… cats eyes like Marylin Monroe

or doe eyed look like Zoe Deschanel?

I love the cats eyes 60s look…. for me, I use lashes quite alot and have alot of different styles…but there is no doubt only one place that does the best lashes for me is Wasp in Leederville


If your new at putting lashes on , maybe start with the 3/4 ones they are the easiest to put on my faves are the 444s and the DL6Quick Extends


When applying them make sure you have done all your make up and even applied a coat of mascara, someone once told me that lashes should go on like a set of pearls. “the last thing to go on and the first thing to come off’


Another lil trick I like to do is to make sure I have a smoky top eyeliner just in case I make any mistakes, this will ensure a lil cover up, I like to do my smoky liner using my favourite colour shadow…. (below is NARS Galapogos)






Then we hold our lash with a tweezer in our left hand and apply a thin line of glue with our right hand we give it a few seconds for the glue to semi dry and go a lil tacky, then I make sure the outer edge of the lash is in line with the outer edge of my eye and begin to place the lash as close to the root of my own lashes as possible, this way it will look fairly natural



Then push the lash close to the root of your own lashes



Then gently push them up to follow your own lash direction


The more you practise the better you become so if you have a wedding or a ball coming up make sure you use that week beforehand to put them on most days , just for fun and by the time the weekend comes you will have it mastered!




Now don’t forget you can use lashes over and over again

when i take mine off I use the tweezers to peel the glue off

so that they are ready for the next application!

This way you can wear them more often and save money


Here is the finished look, if you feel the need you can always add more liner at the end…

Liquid liner works great with lashes too.


Try them this weekend!


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