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Just in time for the Christmas season 2018, Disaronno® is introducing “Disaronno Wears Trussardi” — an exciting Limited Edition collection Liqueur, who have teamed up with celebrity stylist Donny Galella.
I was lucky enough to be able to interview Donny with a few hard-hitting questions approaching Christmas! I wanted to pick his brain about styling tips, travelling & entertaining tips.
It’s not every day you get to find out top tips from a celebrity stylist!! I learnt a lot and I hope you find this post interesting! Merry Christmas.
B x

How excited were you to be teamed up with “Disaronno Wears Trussardi”? 

Excited is an understatement. I grew up in an Italian household where we always had a bottle of Disaronno in the credenza and I work in the Fashion Industry. So this partnership is a fusion of two things that I really love and it is a complete honour to be associated with the launch of Disaronno wears Trussardi


 What is your favourite way to drink Disaronno?

I personally love a Disaronno Sour, you only need 3 ingredients – Disaronno, sugar syrup and fresh lemons. I just love the contrast of the sweet amaretto with the tangy citrus.


 Be honest, have you been guilty of bringing the mini bottles out & about on your styling trips? 😉

I have not bought them out with me while on a styling trip but the other day I did bring them out on a boat cruise, and they were a hit. They fit into my leather man-clutch so easily, and I just poured them straight into my mixer. Everyone was totally obsessed with the cute mini little bottles. I plan to bring more of them out with me next time, so I can share them around.


How will you include Disaronno into your Christmas entertaining ? 

I grew up in an Italian household. Mum and Dad are from Southern Italy. Dad always has a nice bottle of Italian liquor such as Disaronno to serve after our Christmas Eve dinner. It’s a really special tradition and every year we look forward to a family drink while we eat panettone (TIP – it must be toasted with a dash of butter for maximum taste), mums homemade fruit cake (usually also made with an Italian liquor) and we always watch Carols by Candlelight. For New Years Eve, I have told my friends I am making everyone Amaretto Cranberry Kisses, another one of my fav cocktails using Disaronno


 What colour scheme will dominate your decorations this Christmas? 

I am always attracted to red, even as a Fashion Stylist, I love dressing my clients in red, I love a good red lip (not on me obviously lol) and same with decorations, red flowers, red holly, red stockings, red just feels so festive


 When decorating your table for Christmas lunch will you be favouring gold or silver?

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Everything from golden candles, gold cutlery, gold glitter edges on the plates, gold tablerunner, gold trim on the tablecloth… I think you get the picture lol


 What would your perfect gift suggestion be  for the “hard to buy for” person? 

Buying gifts for stylish friends and family (that have everything) can be really tricky. This year, I’m planning to get them all personalised gifts. The Daily Edited offer everything from chic black notebooks, leather card holders, phone cases and key rings. https://www.thedailyedited.com 


 Most of us women find it hard to buy for a gentleman what is an easy “go to” gift?

A great gift idea for men is a top quality shaving brush, most men shave, it’s a task we don’t usually enjoy and we don’t often treat ourselves to top quality shaving gear. But my life changed when I was given a really good quality shaving brush. Try invest in a top quality one made from real hair rather than synthetic. Much like how ladies like to invest in good quality make up brushes made from real hair.


 You must do a lot of travelling with your job… what are your suggestions when needing to pack light ? 

My number one traveling tip ever… is always pack your carry onluggage, so you could live out of it for a few days, should your main suitcase go missing. Trust me, it will change your life (I learnt this the hard way). Your carry on should have a few outfit changes, anymedication, all chargers and essential cables, plugs etc and key toiletires. When it comes to packing, we often take more than we need, we always have things we don’t end up wearing and most of us end up shopping on holidays and we end up wearing all the new stuff on the trip. When packing lay everything out, and then do an edit and take out a few options.  Always pack wardrobe essentials such as: jeans, white shirt, white tee shirt, black tee, a neutral pair of shorts, swimmers, sunglasses and of course items that suit the seasons ie, coats, jackets etc



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