Get lost in the Garden of Dessert

They even provide flower crowns

Hiding on William st Northbridge are the tastiest Taiwanese Treats!!!

Pearl milk tea snowflake ice

These deserts are made up of crushed and shaved ice. They simply melt in your mouth. They are light enough to almost be guilt free.

Watermelon coconut sago

Desert Garden opens at 3 pm and closes at 10 pm. Catering for that afternoon sweet craving or the after dinner desert.

Side condiments; crystal jelly, taro balls, herbal jelly, condensed milk.

Before coming here I had never tried taro balls before, and now they are my favourite! They make them fresh on site. I will definitely be ordering these again as a side to one of my deserts.

These are definitely the deserts to have when you don’t want to feel any guilt, I mean, they are shaved ice right? Most of the deserts are not actually very sweet.

Duo condensed milk crushed ice

This delightful monstrosity above was my absolute favourite dessert! It is so very Instagrammable!!! But not only does it look fabulous at totally satisfied my taste buds. I got the duo of mango and strawberry and I simply could not decide which flavour I liked the best! This desert was sweeter than the others, but I absolutely adored that. I would highly recommend this desert and definitely bring somebody you can share it with.

Not only did we try all the deserts. Well not all of them, but most of them. We also left with a strawberry fresh milk tea complete with crystal jellies.

Open from 3 pm to 10 pm Tuesday until Sunday

Dessert Garden opens at 3 pm but I would suggest getting here on time as the place is full before 3:20 pm. It just goes to show how good the deserts really are here.

Located at 297 William Street Northbridge
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