Power Plates at Pure Moves

So I wake up the day after my Power Plates session at Pure Moves and I can feel my muscles, my shoulders and my thighs. The reason why Im surprised at this is because at the time of doing this session, it seemed fun & easy!

The session involved light weights and mixed exercises taking 30 seconds each. The plate vibrates quite heavily, its a strange feeling the first time, but you know its making you work harder.


I felt it was a nice quick, short workout of 30 minutes and after it you get to relax and enjoy a massage on the vibrating plate…aaahhhh….

I didnt sweat or get too out of breath and for those who are time poor, its perfect, and apparently its equivalent to 60-90 minutes in the gym! The true test was the day after, my body really felt as though I’d been at the gym lifting weights. I’ll definitely be going back 🙂