Bogan Bingo at Fringe Festival Perth

Roughly 100 people rocked up in their best 80’s rock/bogan gear to the opening night of Bogan Bingo 2015. This Bingo event is best described as a party cross with a game show!

Bogan DJS
Bogan DJS

The crowd certainly found there ‘inner bogan’ and joined in singing many great rock songs…such as “Its a long way to the top” and “Cheap wine and a 3 day growth” all of coarse in between calling out the ever important Bingo numbers, which I might add are called out with quite a descriptive flair if you get my drift !

Don’t get me wrong it’s educational too, in their own special way, the DJS give you mini history lessons with most number callouts. For those who enjoy getting up on stage and displaying their air guitar skills… well there is a competition for that, and the winner is decided by the crowds cheer.

The night is alot of fun, there wasn’t a dull moment and there was lots of laughter in the jam packed hour long show.

Bingo is held at Rosie O Grady’s in Northbridge across from the Pleasure Garden and is of course part of the Fringe Festival . Its so much fun !


If you love being an Aussie, heavy rock music, and the 80’s… then your bound to enjoy Bogan Bingo. It’s had sell out shows every year and this year is sure to follow suit. This was my 2nd year attending and I know I’ll be back !

Get your tickets here BOGAN BINGO TICKETS

Shows are being held until the 22nd February

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