An Interview with George Kapiniaris

Zorba the Freak George Kapiniaris

Ahead of his new show “Zorba The Freak” George spared some time to chat with me and let me in on what he has planned for the future.

Zorba the Freak George Kapiniaris

He is on his way to Perth this weekend with his show and it has an interesting title!

Where did you get the title for this show?

It was a title I always wanted to use, and it goes back to when we used to shoot ‘Acropolis Now’ one of our directors once caught me late to rehearsal and he yelled out to me ‘ Kapiniaris you’re a freak! You’re a Zorba The Freak’ I always thought it was a great name, it stuck with me and over 20 years later I’ve finally got to use it!

Acropolis Now

What is the show about?

The show is all about growing up Greek. Being Australian but also being Greek and the things you go through, dealing with weird families and the clash of cultures.

I like to write from experiences, so I’m talking about kids, wedding anniversaries, and Mother In Laws’ that try to use the computer etc…

To give the show that Greek flavour I have a Greek singer and a young Bouzouki player.


You do alot of stage shows these days, do you miss the TV work?

I do kind of miss TV, but at the time when I was doing Acropolis Now, it was pretty stressful, we would have to write all our shows and then rehearse and then do all the publicity. There wasn’t much money in it for us at the time. There was alot of fame though and that helped us earn alot of our living out of theatre shows. TV was great for us creatively. Shows like our sitcom just don’t exist on TV today.

acropolis now

Do you feel more comfortable writing for yourself?

I write for myself and my stand up shows, that’s how I basically make my living. However, I love it all, I also love auditioning, but what happens when I do TV / Theatre is that I forget everything else , I become absorbed in the character and it can be quite difficult to get back into the comfort zone for stand up.


What’s your favourite stage show you’ve acted in?

Most recently I did the Adelaide Fringe, I did a show called “End of Dark Days Trev” I had to write all new material based on a character I had played in a TV commercial for the past 12 years. It was a new style for me which I enjoyed.

End of Dark Days Trev

Would you encourage your sons to go down the same career path as you ?

I’ll let them do whatever they want to do , they are both characters , so who knows? They might get into the business, but it’s so tough, I’ve been so lucky to still be making a living from it. Both sons are like their dad, one is a showpony and the other is a real character.

What does the future hold for you?

I just finished shooting a film that will be coming out later in the year called Alex & Eve. It’s about a Greek Orthodox schoolteacher who falls for a Lebanese Muslim girl in Sydney. It’s an Australian movie starring Richard Brancatisano, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Zoe Carides and Andrea Demetriades (Perth girl).

When did you first notice that you made people laugh?

When I was 6 and I was in Greece and I was on a train!

Wow that’s specific!

Yes I remember it like a black and white movie. I was on a train travelling from Katerini to Kalamata and I was entertaining a whole cabin filled with passengers. I was speaking in Greek because I had refused to speak in English while I was there. My method acting took place from a young age I suppose.

Fun Facts you might not know about George!!

  • He met Anthony Hopkins while he was on his honeymoon with wife Fotini.
  • He thinks us Perth people have an accent
  • He auditioned for ‘House Husbands’
  • He did over 300 shows in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stage show


Thanks so much for your time George and I’m so excited to be seeing you in Zorba the Freak this weekend!!

Here are some snaps from the Show on Sunday night in Perth

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 2.20.26 pm

George with Despene (right) and friend
George with Despene (right) and friend
George and David
George and David
When I wax somebodies back I really put my heart into it !! 8-/
When I wax somebodies back I really put my heart into it !!
This little lady was the best audience member yet!
This little lady was the best audience member yet!
George and Geography
George and Geography
Signing autographs after the show.
Signing autographs after the show.






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