An Interview with Courtney Murphy

Courtney Murphy

Courtney Murphy

Courtney Murphy has always been one of my favourite singers since I first heard him on Season 2 of Australian Idol.

His voice with it’s distinctive gravel tones stood out to me above all the rest.

Anyone who has heard him perform can feel he has a sincere love of music.

I was lucky enough to bump into him at Mosman’s Restaurant in Perth. After he had finished his set I couldn’t resist the urge to introduce myself and find out what he has been up to all these years since Idol.

Where can us Perth peeps expect to see you playing these days?

I’m all over the place.  Wednesdays currently I’ve got a ‘residency’ at The Saint in Innaloo playing in the restaurant to the lovely ‘Innalootions’… and on a Sunday I can be found up at The Currambine bar and Bistro, which is loads of fun.  Most Fridays I’m playing at Beau Rivage at Gloucester Park, when I’m not working corporate gigs either solo or with Murphy’s Lore.

Do you play original songs or covers?

At my solo shows, I scatter a selection of originals in with the covers, not only to keep the dream alive, but because I actually have fans who come along to watch who like my original tunes.. I know, crazy right? At Murphy’s Lore shows, we’re strictly a cover band, and when I play with my brothers ‘The Murphy Brothers’, we only play originals.  That’s hallowed turf right there! 😉

Who are your favourite influential artists? 

I love answering this question as music is such a great passion for me.  My first and final answer is always Paul McCartney (which includes all side projects ‘Wings’ and a little band called ‘The Beatles’) but of course there are loads of others that have influenced not only my playing, but my vocals. Billy Joel, Crowded House, Jellyfish, The Beach Boys, Dean Freidman, oh and my brothers Chris & Kieran.  They’re remarkably good songwriters and I’m really privileged to have them as my brothers.  They bring out the best in me.

What songs do you enjoy covering?

Any song that touches me emotionally, that I can connect with and make my own.  Right now, I love playing ‘Beautiful World’ by Colin Hay, and ‘Hey Larry’ by Dean Friedman… jawdroppingly talented men.

You seem quite young to know or have the repertoire of songs that you have , who was your musical influence growing up …? Anyone in your household ?

Nope. People always ask if mum and dad are musical, and the answer is a resounding no.  It was actually again, my two brothers.  We would find an artist and present them to the other two, like it was some great discovery… Chris was heavily into the Beatles, so Kieran and I had to find ‘our own’ thing to be right into… Kieran was a ‘Queen’ kid, and I blew my mind over the harmonies of ‘The Hollies’.

How is life since Australian Idol season 2? Do you still keep in touch with any of the contestants now?

I do yeah. Life is grand, I’ve got 2 beautiful little kids now and I get the honour of being a stay-at-home dad during the day and then firing up the voice at night.  Last year I caught up a few of the Idols, we try to stay in touch as much as we can, it was so long ago, but we still have a tight bond.


It must feel like it was a lifetime ago….

Well it kinda is… 2004 is 11 years ago.  People always get a shock when I tell them just how long it’s been.  It’s still so fresh as every new person I meet that remembers me from the show likes to have a chinwag about what they thought, and want to know some sort of goss.

What are you plans for the future?

The plan has been the same as when I was a kid;  Sing and play and hope there is an audience who want to listen to me.  I want to be a great singer/songwriter but an even better dad.

My favourite song you sung on Idol was Billy Field’s “You weren’t in love with me” Do you still sing it today?

 ‘You Weren’t in Love With Me’ is one of those songs that I’ve played non-stop for 11 years… for whatever reason, people seem to dig it.  It still makes me happy.

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Thanks for your time Courtney I hope to see you at a gig soon !

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