NV Mist Foundation

Jeunesse NV Perfecting Mist

Working in the cosmetic industry for a number of years for various different brands. I’ve tried my fair share of fad products and one minute wonders. Products come and go. But this foundation different from the rest for a number of reasons;

It contains the Jeunesse exclusive youth enhancing APT-200, so it’s actually working on your skin on the inside while making it look prettier on the outside.

This perfecting mist foundation is so easy to apply and it blurs the appearance of the skin, giving you a flawless look fast.

If one coat is not enough for you, this foundation is buildable, and you can wear up to 3 coats. As an experiment, I actually tried this but found 2 coats was more than enough for me (and trust me I like a good heavy coverage foundation)

The wonderful thing about NV is that is has such a lightweight feel to it but it has the effect of a FULL coverage foundation, and perfectly covers any imperfections.

It is available in a primer, foundation and a bronzer.

One more thing I would like to add is that this website is amazing, they have this unique way of choosing your perfect foundation colour. I went online and used their colour guide, here is the link, NV


This guide is like nothing I’ve ever seen! Its super intelligent and guided me to choose my perfect shade.  I urge you to go take a look.

If you would like to know more, contact me … via email

Not long ago I was chosen to be the NV Ambassador for Jeunesse Australasia and I’m so proud of the brand and the product. Below is a small video I made receiving my products !

My video

Have you tried any Jeunesse products before?

Which are your favourite?

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