Dolphin Lodge Bali

Dolphin Lodge Video

This was my first ever swim with the Dolphins in Bali. I have previously swum with the dolphins a number of times in Singapore, and I was eager try it on our last holiday.

It is such an amazing experience.

I must say it was a little bit of travel time to arrive to our destination, but it was well worth it. It was probably a 45 min taxi ride from Seminyak Square where our driver picked us up. Then it was a short boat ride to meet the Dolphins where they were waiting for us in their pens.


I have attached a video above so that you can see our whole experience from start to finish. This was a very hands on experience, we got to ride the dolphins and pat them, it was just heaven!! But, if you would prefer something less hands on, there are different packages available too, just check out their website for more information. For me I found it easier to message them on facebook.

Our dolphin’s name was Ricky Martin hehe…! I thought that was a perfect name for his cheeky personality.


If you have never done this before, please make sure you swim with the dolphins!! It is the most magical experience ! Me & my partner did this one in Bali, but I have swam many times with the dolphins in Singapore too!! Cant wait for my next dolphin experience xx


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