Sandra Levy Valensi – French Facialist

Normally, I haven’t been one to get facials on a regular basis nor have I really enjoyed them in the past….but I can honestly say after visiting Sandra today, her facial was like nothing I’ve experienced. I was lucky enough to be pampered for a full one and a half hours.

Firstly I was taken through an in depth discussion regarding my lifestyle, this gives Sandra a thorough understanding of who I am and what my skin needs.


Then I got comfy and enjoyed my facial massage!! Through massage with oils, the muscles and tissues in my face were stimulated. My face became relaxed and so did my body. I’m quite sure I didn’t fall asleep during the treatment, but I was in such a deep state of relaxation that I know my body totally agreed with it.


With repeated treatments, this manual massage is effective in reviving the skins elasticity and improving circulation therefore over time it can act as the perfect re-sculpting and anti-aging tool!


Here is where it gets interesting…. Not only did my massage happen on the outside of the face but then I had what is called the LE BUCCAL MASSAGE this takes place inside the cheeks…. I know this sounds strange (and yes she wears gloves) but it was fantastic! It relieves tension and increases blood flow and collagen production. Yes please!


Then my masque was placed on and while it was drying, I received a head massage, to be honest one and a half hours wasn’t long enough, I could’ve stayed there all day! 😉

Bernadette Bosanac

Sandra’s experience runs deep with her being trained by Joelle Ciocco (French Skincare Guru) in Paris. Through Joelle she was trained in the Epidermologue method. Now Sandra has lived in Australia for 9 years and just a few months ago has opened up her Studio where she would like to share this method with her patients and help them to discover their own individual path of healing.

Sandra Levi Valensi

Sandra Levi Valensi


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