Joe Avati 20th Anniversary

On Saturday night we all braved the wind and the rain to see one of comedies greatest Joe Avati!

Joe has been making us laugh out loud for 20 years now and over the weekend he entertained approximately 1900 die hard fans. People of all ages and backgrounds were in fits of laughter as he performed his material old and new.

Its hard not to attend one of his shows and not want to hear your favourite jokes!!
Audiences had the freedom to message Joe prior (via Social Media) and make their ‘requests’. This made the show interactive in a way, and by the sounds of the laughter the crowds left happy and satisfied.

Joe has been a firm fixture on our Australian comedy circuit and I look forward to seeing him everytime!
This year he was supported by Zaccaria Concerts
Did you know his shows are completely ‘swear word free’ leaving only room for real comedy The whole family can feel comfortable watching the show and its suitable for ages 12+


Linda Parri & Joe Avati

Bernadette Bosanac, Joe Avati & Walter Pellicciotti

Donna Radalj & Bernadette Bosanac

David Letizia & Joe Avati

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