Eyelash Extensions

With the festive season fast approaching, I was eager to try lash extensions again after giving them a half hearted go over ten years ago when they first came out.

I didn’t like them back then, they were too thin and put on too sparse for my liking. Plus I didn’t know how to look after them properly.

Now that I’m working back in retail, Im seeing more and more women with long , thick luscious lashes. I’d asked a few women about them and they all had good things to say. Most of all was how low maintenance they were and how quick it was to do your make up in the morning!

With this information I was quick to rush out and give them another go … I found this great girl who works from home. It took an hour and a half for a full set. The hardest part was laying still for that long… But the end result was magic! I wanted them very long and lots of them and the outcome had me ready for Christmas/New Year.


I felt like I had no make up on and not having to do my eyes in the morning really cut my morning prep down by a generous 5 mins. Refills can be done every 3 weeks (depending on how well you look after them, you could go longer) The cost is similiar to getting a set of acrylic/gel nails…

They are perfect if you have a special occassion coming up or if you are going on holidays and want to wear minimal make up.



Be warned though if you decide to let them grow out , you may experience some uneveness until they all fall out with your own natural lash.

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