Chemical Peel DermCosmesis

About a month ago I had my first ever chemical peel.

I had never had one before and was a little worried about having harsh chemicals on my face.

When I went in to DermCosmesis, I was taken through a consultation and told that there were many different strengths of peel I could have done , being my first time and not knowing what to expect , I opted for the gentlest one.

My skin was cleansed and prepared for the peel. As the peel was applied to my skin after a few minutes I could feel a slight tingle starting to take effect. All in all the procedure was quite quick and painless and as soon as the peel was cleansed off my face , the tingle stopped and my face felt refreshed and my skin felt revived. SPF was then applied to my face to protect it from the sun.

When I was driving home I couldnt help but to keep touching my face, it felt so soft and smooth. My skin is quite resilient so I didnt find I had much redness at all nor did I have any peeling in the days to follow. The next day I put my make up on as per normal and found my skin looked better than ever!!

My main concern with my skin was fine lines that have crept up on me in recent years. I found that after my treatment I had an improved even colour in my complexion, my skin was DEFINATELY a lot smoother and softer , it was clear it had a new glow about it , and I was told that it would stimulate collagen renewal which would soften the appearance of fine lines. Win Win!!

This is definitely something I would now consider having done on a regular basis.

For your free Consultation with DermCosmesis contact them here !

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