Michael Jackson’s HIStory – IS Truly Alive

I experienced an entire magical journey of Michael Jackson’s life events in music. As expected, the songs, the dance, the moonwalk didn’t disappoint one bit. From start to finish the high energy dance, that was Michael Jakcson, shone tonight in the heart of Perth. Michael Jackson was impersonated by Dantanio who brought the house down with some smooth criminal moves, delightful sounds of the past Jackson 5 songs and much more.

From the minute the lights went out, we are left wondering if Dantanio could sparkle the true gloved wonder? There was absolutely no disappointment with his high energy entrance onto the stage. Dancers took to the stage with the live band showing true talent of what Michael Jackson brought to us all those years.

Dantanio absolutely rocked the Astor Theatre with a complete repetoir of old and new. The voice, the dance and even the crowd interaction took me back…

Undoubtedly the most amazing impersonator in Michael Jackson HIStory right down to his spoken voice. It is definitely a must see show.

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