Ivan Aristeguieta Fringe Festival at The Velvet Lounge

Tucked away in the Velvet Lounge Mt Lawley on Friday night was Venezuelan stand up comedian Ivan Aristeguieta. A perfect location for comedy shows, the venue was packed and fans were eager to support this latino who has now lived in Australia since 2012. I had a chance to have a quick chat with him before the show… Heres what I found out…

Ivan Aristeguieta

His father is a psychiatrist, his mother a psychologist

He has studied food technology and brewing.

He is living in Adelaide

Sunday is his last show in Fremantle Perth 😦

The hardest English word for him to say is ‘anaesthetist’ with ‘thesis’ a close second.

He also gave me a good tip about travelling with Uber…. “Dont catch the black cars as they are corporate and cost twice as much” 😉

His comedy was refreshing and tasteful ! I never knew how many Latinos we had in Perth until I attended this gig. Not only was the room packed but from the get go he had us all in stitches. Ive been to alot of comedy shows in my time but this guy was good!

He urged the audience to experience before having an opinion or judging anyone, he also gave some quick and interesting lessons in the difference between the merengue and the salsa, I could go on but you really have to be there to understand.

Ivan said “I release tension through laughter” but Im pretty sure on the night every single one of us walked out feeling a lot better about life.



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