Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey 2015

What seemed like a normal Tuesday night, transformed into a magical mystery tour.


About 35 lucky people were transported in buses to one of the most gorgeous locations in WA to learn from one of Australias finest and most educated ambassadors from Jack Daniel’s.


Yanchep Cave was the perfect setting for a long table dinner perfectly matched with Whiskey based cocktails. The purpose of the evening was to educate and enlighten people in the processes of Single Barrel.


45 mins out from the hustle of Perth’s CBD provided the most serene location for this event.




We started the night with the whiskey in its ‘neat’ state, it certainly warmed everyone up and allowed them to appreciate the true flavours.




We then learnt a bit about the man himself, would you believe Jack Daniels was the first person to actually put whiskey in a bottle and a square one at that!





The Single Barrel whiskey is set aside to mature in the highest levels of the barrelhouses where it undergoes dramatic temperature changes, causing its colour and taste to deepen. Notes of toasted oak, vanilla and caramel can be detected. Having an exquisite table set with dried fruits n spices and woods really helped trigger the senses as we indulged enjoying a sumptuous 3 course meal matched with extravagant cocktails.






Trivial Facts:

Frank Sinatra approached Jack and offered to be the brand’s ambassador in return for a good supply of course.

Did you know you can actually buy a barrel of whiskey? At approximately $25000 this could be a talking piece in anyone’s bar and will provide about 260 bottles.



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