Interview with Luis LaPegna

Repost from 2014


For those of you who love interiors, you’ve surely come across the iconic Luis LaPegna store on Stirling Hwy Nedlands. I stopped in their a few weeks ago to have a chat with Luis and see what the future has in store for him.


His store is filled with furniture, wall art, cushions, extraordinary pieces and lighting.


I can hardly make it past the front door without being distracted by trinkets and bold patterns.


Luis has been in the business for 15 years now and certainly has a good following and clientele who trust his judgement and experience. He has a wonderful team behind him and together they offer consultancy services, styling and can also accommodate custom made and bespoke pieces for your home.


What has made LLP stand the test of time I believe has been his ability to grow and change with market demand. I sat with him and asked a few questions….

Q: Where do you see your business going in the future?

  • A: LLP will strengthen as a brand and focus on a separate online store.
  • Opening a branch of the business called LaPegna Design, this will bring a lot of global pieces and replicas at affordable prices, allowing design addicts to buy a lot of the latest furniture decor of manhattan glamour.
  • April 2015 will see the beginning of LaPegna property styling, focusing on the hire of manhattan glamour style pieces and styling targeting the luxury property market.

Q: What’s on trend right now for the home?

A: Anything with metallic luxe tones i.e. bronze and gold

Q: Use one sentence to sum up LLP?

A: LLP is all about tailored luxury using bold graphic designs with pops of colour.

Q: Where do you see LLP in 5 years time?

A: Strengthening and becoming its own brand, heading for global domination.


We can’t wait to watch you expand LLP, Good Luck and Thank you for your time 🙂




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