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Thank you for landing on my blog!

I’m Bernadette, a happy mum to 2 beautiful girls, Breesha and Tiffany! My close friends call me Bern (never Bernie)

If you couldn’t already guess from my blog title I am from Perth, Western Australia! This is where I was born and raised.

I graduated from Bentley Tafe in 1995 completing a course in Fashion Design. I somehow got swept up by Parfums Dior and began working in cosmetics & fragrance, satisfying my love of the beauty industry.

Along the way I completed studies in fragrance, beauty and make up. 

I was even lucky enough to act as a Freelance writer for our very own Social Pages in the West Australian Newspaper in 2013. Such an amazing job, that had me visiting all the top events on the Social Calendar. View my work here.

The way to my heart is through laughter. If we can share a good joke together, you have my attention. 

I consider my site a place where I share everything I love from

  • food, (boy do I love my food!),
  • cocktails, (yes I love them too!)
  • beauty,
  • fashion,
  • recipes,
  • life hacks,
  • parenting,
  • pets,
  • cheap finds and loads more.

I’ve always had a love for animals too!! and today I own 2 dogs, 2 rescue cats, a rainbow lorikeet (he found me) and a huge Rabbit!!

Who knows what pet my kids will con me into adopting next!

When the kids were small, we traveled overseas a lot, I was always on the lookout for family friendly resorts, restaurants and things to keep the girls occupied, after a while I had mum’s always asking me for advice. I then thought why not create a blog, so that I could share all my experiences with everyone a lot easier. So in 2011, this blog was created!

Now that the girls are much older my blog focused more on the City I love and what it has to offer. I love discovering new places to visit. New restaurants and bars, and I enjoy promoting small businesses.

My blog has had a few names changes over the years. It started out as 888luxury.stop haha what was I thinking? Then it went on to change to BB’s Billboard and finally landing here at PerthLifestyleBlogger, and I think the name now says it all!

My most popular blog posts to date are;

Rottnest Cruises Perth 

Broome  WA

Tourist in your own Town

Thanks for following along on my journey. There is always something new and exciting to discover in our city. I hope that you enjoy my posts and come back for more. Make sure you subscribe and keep in touch.

BB xx

PS: make sure you email me at


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“Bernadette was incredibly easy to work with...would definitely recommend working with her!"
Jennifer Beck - Modern Map Art
“I used Bernadette with one of my skin clinics, a client of my marketing consultancy business. Bernadette did a series of skin treatments and was happy for us to video her and us her images across our social media channels. Bernadette is a true professional to work with and such a lovely nature. I look forward to working with her again!”
Vanessa Geraghty McGann, Principal Marketing Consultant & Founder, Vivacity Marketing
“Thank you so much to Bernadette for doing the PTV Online program! Bernadette did some of the workout sessions and shared it with her network. She is a true joy to work with!” 
Vanessa Geraghty, Master Trainer & Founder at PTV Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

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