Hi I’m Bernadette, a happy mum to 2 beautiful girls, Breesha and Tiffany!

I consider my site a place where I share everything I love from

  • food, (boy do I love my food!),
  • cocktails, (yes I love them too!)
  • beauty,
  • fashion,
  • recipes,
  • life hacks,
  • parenting,
  • pets,
  • cheap finds and loads more.

Before kids, I studied Fashion Design & went on to work in cosmetics instead. I’ve always had a love for make-up & fashion.

I’ve always had a love for animals too!! and today I own 2 dogs, 2 rescue cats, a rainbow lorikeet (he found me) a Rabbit, oh & over 80 fish!!

Who knows what pet my kids will con me into adopting next!

When the kids were small, we traveled overseas a lot, I was always on the lookout for family friendly resorts, restaurants and things to keep the girls occupied, after a while I had mum’s always asking me for advice. I then thought why not create a blog, so that I could share all my experiences with everyone a lot easier.

Now that the girls are much older my blog focused more on the City I love and what it has to offer.

I hope that you enjoy my posts and come back for more

BB xx

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