Welcoming a new puppy into the home.


Meet my French Bulldog ROCKY , up until 2 weeks ago , he was my ‘only son’ in the house. He is just over a year old and has been spoilt rotten being the first dog to ever enter into our household!

Then much to his dismay comes a new arrival in the form of Princess Pixie the Chihuahua…



Princess Pixie

Princess Pixie

She is a tiny 1.6kg puppy, who poses a major threat to our Frenchy…

The first week was tough , it was spent holding her like a newborn so that she would feel safe and secure. I found myself doing things with one hand, as I did when I had my own babies, I was cooking, setting the table, making coffee , all one-handed! This second week Rocky has settled a lot  and has learned to accept our new comer a bit more, we have now progressed into supervised free reign sessions around the house.

Getting closer by the day

Getting closer by the day

Lets hope in the next few weeks they can become a lot closer and perhaps one day even snuggle up at night-time to sleep!


Sleeping at a distance for now






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