Ways to Make Alkaline Diet Benefit You

Alkaline diet includes foods that are high in sodium, phosphates and protein. It is known to improve the health of your bones. The alkaline diet is also known to prevent and treat cancer. This diet takes your body off its normal alkaline pH levels. It actually brings your body in the alkaline state. It allows you to have great healthy foods as much as you want without worrying about their acidic effect! It isn’t necessary to consume only alkaline foods when you are the alkaline diet plan. A lot of foods are acidic in nature and they can make your body’s pH levels alkaline. Make sure you only consume natural and healthy acidic foods. Go for whole foods like fruits. Here are some more foods you can have when you are on this diet.

Almonds and milk

Considered as one of the healthiest breakfast options, almonds combined with milk can do wonder for your body. This is not just filling breakfast of snack but it is also packed with protein, calcium and iron. Almonds are one of those great healthy foods that are recommended by medical experts. They are some of the best alkaline foods out there. Amazing for body builders as well as people who are on a weight loss diet plan, almonds help you to gain muscle. Soaked almonds are beneficial for people with high cholesterol level. They also help your body to lose weight. The best thing about almonds is that you can have them any time. You can have them between the meals too.


You can prepare a beetroot and spinach soup if you are on the alkaline diet. This is one of the most healthy food recipes. Beetroot does raise your pH levels. It is one of the very few sources of phytonutrient betalain. This component has anti cancer properties. You can use beetroot in salads or in salsas. They are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. Thus, ideal for your weight loss diet plan.


Broccoli is great food for people who are on the alkaline diet. It is even great for people who are on another weight loss diet plan. You can have broccoli as many times in a week as you want. They are healthy for your system. Having it thrice or four times a week is a better deal though. Broccoli has vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium. So, if you work out, it can boost your energy levels and you can benefit from that for sure.

Brussels Sprouts

Comprising of vitamin C, vitamin A and iron, Brussels sprouts are amazing for kids as well as adults. A lot of kids leave these healthy veggies untouched in salads but you can prepare different recipes with Brussels sprouts. You can prepare some really healthy food recipes such as soups with them. Brussels sprouts are nutritious diet natural foods that break down the acids that are made by the other acid forming foods. This ultimately boosts your pH levels and that’s why Brussels sprouts are great healthy foods that have a special place in alkaline diet plans. Packed with minerals, vitamins, minerals and fiber, they can be included in side dishes in steamed form.


Comprising of vitamin A, vitamin C and a little calcium, carrots can be consumed in raw as well as cooked form. They are great for your eyes and your alkaline diet plan. They also have a lot of fiber and potassium in them which makes them great food for kids.


Coconut water makes a really refreshing drink. Coconuts are diet natural foods that provide you coconut milk, coconut juice and coconut flesh. You can have coconut water after a rigorous work out to stay fresh. Go for fresh coconuts and not the packaged water. This will help you draw maximum benefits.

Petai – Stinky Bean

Petai is one of the most potent vitamin enriched super foods, found in Asia and local Asian grocery stores has vast benefits for the body. A distinct flavour that is sour, salty and tangy, petai is usually cooked with prawns and chilli. Petai can help combat depression, Anemia, lower blood pressure and relieve constipation symptoms. High in Amino acids, petai, the stinky bean may also help with improving your metabolism, faster weight loss, heartburn is a very well balanced alkaline super food. The only warning is the smell of your urine will be a pungent mould-like smell.

There are a lot of more healthy foods that can be a part of your alkaline diet plan. Cucumbers, ginger, eggplant, garlic, goat’s milk, grapefruit, green beans, herbal tea, kale, leaks, lemon, lettuce, lime, okra, onions, olive oil, peas, parsley, peppers, radish, beans, spinach and pumpkin can be included in your alkaline diet plan. These diet natural foods can provide you tremendous energy along with a healthier metabolism. You can prepare healthy food recipes using all these foods to stay healthy and happy.

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