Wahl Ceramic Triple Tongs

I love trying out new products and I’m always looking out for something different. These tongs were given to me for my birthday by a dear friend and I finally got around to trying them out the other night.

They are so easy to use and much like using a straightener, but instead these tongs give your hair an even and controlled curl. You can start from the root and following the pattern of the wave continue tong-ing down the the end. If you have straight hair, this will give your hair body and lift (even better if your hair is dirty). If you have curly hair like me it takes away your curl and replaces it with a more controlled curl which I like way more than my unruly lions mane.

Wahl Ceramic Triple Tong

And here are the results, I did a very rough job here it only took me 15 mins or so. I was on my way to an event and just wanted a bit of a boost.

Straight after doing your hair it will turn out a little bit too perfect... a good shake up will fix this !

Straight after doing your hair it will turn out a little bit too perfect… a good shake up will fix this !


Here are some finished images , ready to walk out the door !


And hours into the night the curl is still going strong…


Can you see yourself using one of these?

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