Valentines Day

Feb 14 Valentines Day

Valentines Day is fast approaching and for all those beautiful peeps out there who aren’t looking forward to the day, you don’t have to sit at home waiting for your phone to ring.


Do something different this year, instead of checking social media and seeing everyone’s romantic check ins and possible proposals, here are some tips to help you embrace the day with ease;

  • Plan a house party for friends whether single or coupled, its a day to show others that we care.
  • Pamper yourself- Book out the whole day and go get a massage, sauna or pedicure. Finish if off with your favourite takeaway  and a movie at home.

massage candles day spa

  • Girls night in : get the cocktails ready and dress up , or get the board games out and come in your PJS. The choice is yours , the focus in on fun and laughter with friends.

girls night in

  • Go on a blind date: Throw caution to the wind. You never know what might come of it. It could be a night you never forget, or better still go on a group date and if it doesn’t work out at least your among friends. It’s all about having fun with loved ones!

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