Skin Needling DermCosmesis

Skin needling

Skin needling is something i always wanted to try, I know a few people who swear by it. So when the offer became available I jumped at the chance to try it.

Skin needling appointment

This procedure was relatively pain free 💃
My skin was relaxed first using a numbing cream leaving me relaxed enough to not feel a thing !


The derma pen was glided over my face following a cross pattern so as not to miss any section

Skin needling

I was told after the procedure
My skin will start to naturally regenerate and repair itself prompting it to respond and create new collagen and elastin fibres. This is meant to result in plumper, smoother and younger looking skin.

Post skin needling DermCosmesis

The appearance of fine lines will lessen.
Results can be seen up to 6 weeks post treatment and they usually recommend a treatment every 4 weeks for best results

The day after the procedure my skin felt a little dry and gritty just under the surface. I was allowed to put moisturiser on but nothing with active ingredients in it and definitely no serums. I was also not allowed to apply make up for up to 48 hours after the treatment.

The second day after the treatment my skin felt even a little drier under the surface than it did on the first day, then after I put moisturiser on it felt slightly more comfortable. There was no redness and no heat, my skin felt totally fine then on the third day I began to notice just a slight bit of shedding on the top of my skin but not very much at all, then by the fourth day everything was completely back to normal and I’ve since felt a beautiful glow and fresh skin up to 7 days after my treatment

I can definitely say that if you had this done every 4 to 6 weeks your skin would be so rejuvenated and take on a completely fresh and vibrant appearance




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