Natural Body Detox for Weight Loss

Natural Body Detox

Detoxifying the body helps you feel more active and healthy. There is a lesser possibility of a detoxified body getting gaseous, acidic or developing similar problems. Detoxification also helps your liver and kidney to work in a much better way. It makes the body get rid of the sugar, nicotine, caffeine or alcohol you consume. Along with this, it helps the human body to throw out harmful things such as pesticides, food additives and heavy metals that are found in some processed foods. Your body throws away these pollutants in the form of excreta and urine. Now let’s take a look at some tasty food to lose weight quickly, safely and detoxify. Here are some healthy foods and recipes that can help you to detoxify your body and to purify your blood.

Have fresh Cranberry juice every morning

Every health conscious person’s natural food diet should include Cranberry juice. This juice detoxifies your body and prevents urinary tract infections. Some studies testify that it can also prevent ulcers. Cranberry juice is a great natural food for healthy as well as ill people. Comprising of vitamin C, anti-oxidants and manganese, it provides you a lot of energy for your busy day. You can simply dilute two parts of cranberry juice in four parts of water to make a delicious drink. You can add a tablespoon of apple pectin to have bowel movement more often.

Drink vegetable detox drink after your workout

This is one of the most refreshing drinks you will ever have. Made from carrots, a few kale leaves, celery stalks, beetroot, turnips and spinach, this juice gives you instant energy! Most people feel tired after a rigorous workout session and they feel like having a nice drink at the time. This is a tasty and natural food diet idea for people who are tired of having plain water or tasteless drinks after their workout sessions.

Transform your vegetable pizza into juice

A lot of people would be skeptical about this idea but once they try it, they won’t regret at all! Pick some tomatoes, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper and coriander. Put all these into a blender and prepare a thick juice. This is the best way to turn unhealthy foods into healthy foods.

Go on a fruits diet for three days

This detoxifying method might sound a little difficult but it is actually one of the most amazing ones ever. This method brings great results. People who went on a fruit diet for three days every week noticed that their skin was glowing, their acne was gone and they had an improved digestive system. All you have to do is to have apples, pears, watermelon, berries, pineapple, papaya, oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits all day. It is best to have these fruits in raw form instead of having them in the form of juices. Raw fruits provide a lot of fiber to the body which is great! This is surely food to lose weight.

Have vegetable soup one hour before dinner

You can prepare a delicious soup if you don’t want to try too many juices. Soups are ideal for winter and for people who prefer warm foods. Just have a bowl of soup made from carrots, beetroot, spinach, turnip and ginger every single day and you are sorted! Once you have this natural food, you won’t get enough of its rich taste! An added bonus is that this soup is one of the best natural foods for weight loss.

Start your day with soaked almonds

Have at least seven soaked almonds on an empty stomach every day. Almonds are high in protein, calcium and magnesium. They can stabilize blood sugar levels and are one of the most well known natural foods for weight loss. Almonds can also remove impurities from your body. They are the best snack for kids. Almonds are one of those healthy foods that are known to sharpen brains! To get the maximum benefit of soaked almonds, place a small handful of almonds in a cup just before you go to bed. The next day the skin should easily peel off and the almonds ready to eat.

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