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Met this beautiful girl yesterday when I went for my first ever kinesiology session ! I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know much about it. I still find it hard to explain now, but after doing a little bit of online research I found out that it is the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a persons well-being.

It falls in the natural medicine field and identifies imbalances in the bodies structural chemical and emotional healing needs.

I was very excited for my session with Dominique and I am quite open to new and gentle forms or methods of creating well-being in the body.

The session went for an hour and I was quite impressed at how upon our first meeting Dominique picked up so much about my body ( at one point I asked her if she was “psychic” 🤣🙏 ) just from monitoring my muscle information it’s something that is really quite difficult to explain you really need to go and try it and have a session 🙌 but I can say afterwards, I felt very relaxed and very calm and encouraged to start looking after my body. I was advised of changes to make in my diet to help my body gain the nutrients it’s been missing out on. Has anyone else ever had Kiniosiology?? What were your thoughts??

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