Little Secrets Vegetarians Know

Little Secrets Vegetarians Know

More and more people are nowadays turning to pure vegetarian diets. It is actually much more than a trend. A lot of people are turning vegetarian for three different reasons. The first reason is related to good health. Vegetarian diet provides your body with a lot of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber. Vegetarians can stay healthier as 95 percent of the pesticide residue in the human body comes from meat. According to a study conducted in America, fish and dairy products sometimes have heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium etc. These heavy metals do not get destroyed by cooking the food or in any other way. So, vegetarian food is good food for the heart.

The second and more important reason why people are turning vegetarian is that they want to spare the animals. Not too many vegetarians would say this fact out loud but it is true. Some people have other moral reasons not to eat meat. For instance, it is prohibited in some religions to eat meat or to kill an animal for the purpose of eating. People who follow their religion religiously don’t eat meat at all.

One of the various secrets that vegetarians know and feel is that they don’t feel depressed as much as others. Vegetarian diet provides them with the natural strength of feeling strong in place of low or sad. Moreover, people who turn vegan don’t have to struggle with the problem of being overweight and that’s why some of the best weight loss programs are all about veggies! Regular meat eaters gain weight and people who eat meat almost every day have to struggle with the problem of obesity in the later years of their lives. Obesity brings along various other problems for instance heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels etc.

Another secret a lot of people don’t know about vegetarians is that they are really well informed of what they eat. Most of them can create some best weight loss programs for themselves. They are aware and conscious of nutrition value of the food they eat. Also, they get a better sleep every night. They need lesser sleep comparatively to meat eaters. Vegetarian food also keeps you energetic.

According to a research, vegetarians have a longer life than meat eaters. They have lesser risk of getting cancer along with some diseases that can be transmitted to the human body by meat. So, vegetarian food is not just good food for the heart but it is also great food for your overall health.

Child obesity is a big concern nowadays. More and more teenagers are getting obese because of the kind of food they eat. A lot of kids eat hamburgers and other junk food items and this has brought along some shocking health problems. A lot of kids in America and some other countries are diabetic. A lot of teenagers have a high blood pressure problem which increases the risk of heart attacks. More and more, younger people are getting heart attacks nowadays because of fried meat which is not healthy food for children if consumed every day. In a way, non vegetarian food and being overweight is connected. This is the reason why a lot of parents encourage their kids to go vegan. They prepare delicious soups and baked veggies which is healthy food for children.

There is one more secret vegetarians know. They know the importance of having salads and nuts like walnuts. Extremely healthy and filling, these foods are packed with calcium, minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein and good fat. Walnuts have a chemical that acts as an anti-depressant. Also, green tea is an inseparable part of the vegetarian diet. It increases your metabolism, makes you energetic, is great for your skin, detoxifies your body and lowers blood pressure.

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