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It is really difficult to eat a restricted diet when your cholesterol is high. Doing just the opposite of this seems really convenient and better to a lot of people! The fact is, you can keep your cholesterol in control with the help of various foods. ‘Eating’ can help you control your cholesterol! Yes, you no more have to starve yourself or feel deprived if your doctor has asked you to keep your cholesterol levels in control. You can do the same by adding the following foods to your low fat diet or your list of healthy foods. These ideas are suitable for people with high cholesterol as well as for people with normal cholesterol levels.

Include oats in your diet

Oats can do wonders for people with high levels of cholesterol. Oats are known to be the food to lose weight as well! This can be your first, the most effective and the easiest step towards staying fit. All you have to do is having oatmeal every single day. Oatmeal will make a really delicious and healthy breakfast for anyone. Just have one bowl of oatmeal cereal for breakfast or in the evening. One bowl of oatmeal gives you one to two grams of fiber that is soluble. You can surely make your cereal tastier by adding some strawberries, cherries and apple pieces to it. Also, put in just a few banana pieces if you are on a low fat diet and one of the best healthy food recipes is ready!

Have whole grains and Barley every day

Known to reduce the risk of heart diseases, whole grains and barley provide your body with a lot of soluble fiber. This kind of fiber is healthy and useful for the body and deserves a place in your list of healthy foods.

Have beans in salads or in boiled form

Rich in soluble fiber, beans make you full for longer. This is because the human body takes more time to digest beans because of the fiber they have. Beans are amazing food to lose weight. You can check out a variety of beans that are available out there. You can go for navy beans, kidney beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, garbanzos and many more. Being a really versatile food item, beans can be prepared in many ways. You can have them in salads, in boiled form, in baked form and in many other healthy food recipes.

Don’t forget to add nuts to your diet plan

Ideal for breakfast, nuts including almonds, peanuts and walnuts are great for the heart. It is important to have a measure quantity of nuts for sure. For instance eating nearly two ounces of nuts a day will be able to help you lower your bad cholesterol a bit. Sprinkle grated nuts over the salads of your low fat diet or add them to hot milk for that crunch! A lot of nuts contain amazing nutrients that are clinically recommended. These nutrients can protect the heart in various ways.

Have  lot of green vegetables

Doctors squeeze in veggies in your list of healthy foods for some really valid reasons! There are a lot of great veggies including radish, horseradish, onions, hot peppers, leek, spinach, carrot greens, broccoli, kale, asparagus, parsley, celery, sea veggies, cucumber, mushrooms, chlorella, parsley, cabbage etc. Some spices are also known to lower the cholesterol levels. Garlic can be combined with a lot of these vegetables for some lip smacking and healthy food recipes.

Start having fatty fish in place of beef

Beef has a lot of calories and it can surely give you bad cholesterol in the long run. So, fatty fish can be the food to lose weight as well as bad cholesterol if you are a beef lover. Fatty fish deserves a place in your list of healthy foods. Your doctor might ask you to shun meat but you can ask him if you can have fatty fish. Fish such as Tuna, Trout, Salmon and Herring are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Don’t have too much fatty fish though if you are on a low fat diet as it can make you gain weight. It is also important for you to prepare fatty fish in a healthy way. Fatty fish dipped in butter or mayonnaise is surely not the right way to go. So, check out some healthy food recipes online related to fatty fish and stay healthy.


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