Chocolate The Newest Health Food?

A lot of people simply love chocolates. People of every age are fond of them for the rich, creamy texture they come with. Known for their sweet and most satisfying taste, chocolates are eaten in various forms. Some people love rich chocolate bars whereas some prefer to have chocolate in the form of a chocolate cake. According to various studies, chocolate gives people a sense of emotional satisfaction and happiness. It has mood enhancing qualities and that is one of the reasons why it is a popular gift item for Valentine’s Day and various other special days.


Chocolate has a notorious reputation amongst people who are health conscious. The sweetness and high fat content of chocolate makes it a bad food which is shunned by health practitioners. A lot of studies have been conducted and it seems like chocolate is not that bad for your health and that it can be a healthy food to eat. Here are some reasons why it should not be considered as an enemy of your health and the reason why it can be added to your low fat diet plan.

Dark chocolate is actually healthy food to eat

Chocolate is surely a high fat food but if you add it to your low fat diet plan and consume it in small quantities, it can be good for your body. Rich in flavonoids, this kind of chocolate is known to lower the blood pressure. Along with this, some studies prove that it can protect you from heart diseases. A lot of research has been done in America and Europe. Almost all the studies seem to support that dark chocolate leaves a positive impact on your cardio-vascular system.

Cocoa powder is safe for chocolate lovers

Low fat Cocoa powder is a source of a good chocolate dose as well as flavanols. A lot of Cocoa powder manufacturers make their cocoa go through the process of alkalization. This process is also known as Dutch processing in the industry. It makes the flavor milder but destroys most flavonoids at the same time. Natural Flavano rich Cocoa is a bit bitter in taste. Some manufacturers have made bitter Cocoa more edible and have introduced cocoa rich snack bars. Some of the manufacturers really do create healthier bar snacks. Their bars comprise of high-flavanol cocoa powder which is tasty as well as healthy for chocolate lovers. So, if you are one of those people then get these low fat bars in place of those high-fat chocolate bars that can cause health issues.

Chocolate is healthy food to eat for people with high cholesterol levels  

According to some studies, dark chocolate can reduce LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol up to 10 percent. It also stimulates the production of endorphin which gives you a feeling of happiness and pleasure. Studies have revealed that it acts like an anti depressant.

Dark chocolate has antioxidants  

Antioxidants are known to repair the damaged cells. Some cells in our body get damaged due to the chain reaction caused by oxidation. The human body has cells that resist damage caused by processes such as breathing. Dark chocolate can provide your body with enough antioxidants and it can provide a kick to your low fat diet plan. So, help your body’s cells to fight back the process of oxidation and to stay young and energetic!

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