50 Shades of Grey Movie Premiere

dakota johnson

Well it was a H U G E turnout for the long awaited Premiere of 50 shades!Bernadette at Hoyts

fifty shades blake david

Fiona and Sharon at Fifty Shades


Brock and Blake

Most had read the book/s , although upon further discussion it turned out some had read up to a certain point for whatever reason. Not enough appropriate or acceptable reading locations or piers ruining the juicy bits for the slower readers.

The HOYTS cinema in Carousel was provocatively decked out in black and red, roses, candles and feathers were setting the mood whilst the crowd sipped on bubbles in the lead up to the event.


The movie did not disappoint. I am one of the guilty ones… I read three quarters of the first book and put it down to gather dust. In hindsight Im glad I did as it saved a few surprises for me watching the movie. Im not giving anything away but if your prudish, you probably shouldn’t see it. All I can say is that there were a few giggles in the audience, behind us, some nudges and some remarks.

I was amazed to learn that female lead actress is none other that Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. She played Anastasia, a young shy virgin who meets a billionaire tycoon. She was very believable, a talented actress I thought.

.dakota johnson


This movie delivers what the ladies want to see. Its very cheeky and edgy, and it pushes the boundaries.. It has sexual tension and is a tale of discovery. The ending will surprise you or possibly leave you wondering what happened?



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